Bedsider: Reminders Campaign

The National Campaign to Prevent Teen & Unplanned Pregnancy

Role  Art Director
Agency SJ&P, Nectar
Summer 2016

When Bedsider released their birth control reminder app, they wanted fun video content to promote it. The subsequent videos feature real women and their reactions to interesting, surprising and flirty prompts. These prompts are inspired by the unique trivia that accompanies each reminder on the app.

My role in this project was art director. Working with a director and video team, I guided each scene selection. Additionally, I crafted the look and feel, from visuals to the particular mood each edit provides.

Please note all of these videos are best viewed with headphones on when in the workplace, as the language used might be considered NSFW.





“Public Speaking”

“15 Penises”

The campaign won several ADDY® Awards in 2017.


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