Zaxby’s: Promotional Snapchat Ads

Promotional Snapchat Ads


Roles  Art Director, Designer, Editor
Agency — SJ&P
July 2017

For their third quarter of 2017, Zaxby’s — a fast-casual chicken chain primarily located in the Southeast — wanted to promote a deal of 5 of their favorite meals at $5.99. SJ&P proposed using Snapchat to engage their audience with fun, channel-appropriate content. The ads are tongue-in-cheek, showing what other “deals” the consumer can get for $5.99 (spoiler alert: not much).

After a collaborative stage of ad conception, I saw this idea through on every level. I art directed, storyboarded, shot the videos (even modeling my own hands!) with Dragonframe software and subsequently edited each ad.


Client Feedback

These are the best Snap ads [SJ&P’s] done yet. Getting better each campaign.


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